DatingChimp, The Dating Site Reviews App!


We’ll let you know, when the dating sites are up to Monkey Business!

We let you know when dating sites are up to Monkey Business!

The Online Dating Industry is a Billion Dollar Industry and more than a fair share of this money is spent by consumers at online dating sites that deliver nothing in return. Enter the era of DatingChimp, the Online Dating Site Reviews App; the Ultimate Online Dating Advice Tool! We help you locate the dating site with REAL members!

DatingChimp Helps You Fight Back! Webmasters and online dating sites have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves. From what are referred to as, ‘Honey Pots’ which are profiles operated by employees of some unscrupulous dating sites, to outright computer generated profiles; you need a tool to help you dodge the tricks of the trade and steer entirely clear some online dating sites that are just out to take your money. We help you find the dating site you can trust!

DatingChimp is The Ultimate Oline Dating Tool. From Dating App Reviews to Dating Site Reviews, to Free Trials and Online Dating Deals’ DatingChimp fights back!


REAL ADVICE on which dating sites Singles are using in YOUR SPECIFIC LOCATION!

DatingChimp was created by online dating industry expert Jason Lee.

DatingChimp is the FREE dating app to protect consumers from online dating scams!

The FREE app to protect consumers from online dating scams!

Jason Lee was the creator of the Golden Heart Consumer Choice Awards for Online Dating, the first consumer oriented awards given to top-tier dating sites. Jason Lee also is the creator of, ‘It Never Hurts to Check!’.  Jason has spent the last 3 years researching online dating sites.

DatingChimp, The Dating Site Reviews App was designed and built with the sole purpose of giving you a simple and easy method to get HONEST reviews about online dating sites right from your phone. It’s much more than simply reviews site though. DatingChimp filters through tens of thousands of dating sites and after asking you just a few simple questions, we’ll direct you to the dating sites based on your specific answers to those questions, whereby you will most likely to have online dating experiences that you are happy with! That’s right, the dating sites where people who are ACTUALLY LOCAL to you are at; people looking for the same things you are.

When you want a REAL Relationship, you need TRUSTED Advice and EXPERIENCED guidance. That is precisely why we built DatingChimp and that is just what you can expect from DatingChimp. IT’S FREE!  IT’S ALSO AD FREE. No Ads, No Fakes Reviews, No Nonsense!


Save time, save money, and say goodbye to wasting hours joining dating sites that nobody actually uses.  From Europe and Asia to down Australia and throughout Latin America and America to Canada we cover online dating sites on a truly global scale. We’ll steer you clear of dating sites with an inadequate user base, we’ll blow the horn on dating sites that charge undisclosed fees, and we’ll always work full-time to be your eyes and ears in the Online Dating Space.

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We launched DatingChimp for iOS at the Apple Store on October 22nd 2014.

Look for the Android version early March 2015.


Click here to download DatingChimp!

Click here to download DatingChimp!

Receive a free trial to one of the top 3 online dating sites in America just down trying DatingChimp!