The DatingChimp 7 Question Matchmaking Algorithm

DatingChimp is an application built to help improve online dating experiences.

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GOOD TOOLS share one trait. They are SIMPLE and EASY to use and they make your LIFE EASIER.  DatingChimp takes less than a minute to download and within 5 minutes you will be on your way to meeting the perfect partner.

How it Works!

The Online Dating Site scene is like the nightclub scene in any major city. It changes frequently. DatingChimp is your coach and mentor.

The Online Dating Site scene changes frequently. DatingChimp is your coach and mentor, navigating you safely to the most popular dating sites and apps!


The nightclub scene in any major city changes rapidly doesn’t it? Well so do the most active and popular singles sites. The facts is there are thousands of dating sites  and now hundreds of dating apps. It would take you days if not weeks to evaluate each of these sites and apps if you didn’t simply give up along the way!


That is where DatingChimp comes in. Using years of research from one of the largest information databases about online dating sites DatingChimp instantly filters these dating sites and apps and finds the perfect choices for you!


Fast and Easy Results…Once you take 30 seconds to download the app DatingChimp will ask you answer 7 simple questions about yourself and what you are looking to get out of your online dating experience.


Based on your multiple choice response DatingChimp will give you a concise list of the best dating sites / singles communities for you based on your unique responses.


DatingChimp filters through thousands of online dating sites and then provide you with the 3 best dating sites for you based on your location and what you specifically want from your online dating experience. We also match you to only dating sites that we have verified the local database has enough singles to justify value for you to join that specific dating site. This save you time, energy, and stress!

These are the 7 simple multiple choice questions.

  1. Where do you live?
  2. How old are you?
  3. Are you male, female, or trans?
  4. Are you seeking a male, female, or trans?  (Multiple Choice)
  5. Do any of the following activities interest you?  (Multiple Choice)
  6. Which category would you fall into? (Multiple Choice)
  7. Rank the level of commitment you are looking for. (Choose zero / 0 for casual)


Finally, a matchmaking algorithm that makes it simple and easy to locate the singles communities where you are most likely to have success with online dating.

The DatingChimp 7 Question Matchmaking Algorithm


DatingChimp AppJason Lee, Editor of DatingWebsiteReview is an Online Dating Industry Expert who has spent years studying online dating and online dating sites. Jason Lee is the Creator of the Golden Heart Consumer Choice Awards for the Online Dating Industry and the creator of If there is anyone who understands the online dating site scene Jason Lee is be that person. Jason has written over 400 dating site reviews and tried over 1,000 online dating sites.

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Also just for downloading and trying DatingChimp you will get a free trial for one of the worlds highest ranked dating sites plus many other special offers. Additionally, DatingChimp has the most extensive library of honest and detailed dating site reviews. Therefore, even if you do not take the DatingChimp advice on which dating sites are most suited to you, the next time you are considering joining a dating site or downloading a dating app you can easily cross check the costs and features for that particular dating site or app before you go to the trouble of paying for or even joining a dating site. SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY, GET MORE OUT OF YOUR ONLINE DATING EXPERIENCES! It all starts with DatingChimp!